About Kristine

I was born in #Latvia. During my childhood, the best time spent was in art, colouring, drawing, painting and making Christmas decorations! My parents saw my accuracy and patience in drawing, painting, and really encouraged me to do more, to go to extra art classes. All of my free time was dedicated to creativity.

In the summertime, I was capturing natural wildlife, collecting flowers and making pressed flowers for winter. When winter arrived, I used all my summer memories and experience creating.

Years past by and I was carried away by a totally different occupation. But art never left my mind, and my sketchbooks were filling up with drawings, ideas, sketches.

When I started my own family, and my first daughter was born - it was like my whole world changed and I knew I needed to make some great changes. The answer - ART. Then came my second daughter, and later my son and that's when things were out of my control. Creativity was in all aspects of life, it was like breathing air, it was my meditation.

Now that my fourth child is born, I'm creating like never before :). I'm a full-time artist, living my dream, creating beautiful drawings and paintings. Some time ago, I started learning art techniques professionally and entered the SBA (Society of Botanical Artists) London Diploma course.

I mostly paint with oils on canvases and botanical illustrations with watercolours on high-quality watercolour paper. As I'm only just starting my journey through the art world and searching for my voice - I capture all the beauty around me and learn from different objects.

I am still learning art, every day of my life, but I feel that my art can make YOU happy, can make YOU smile and bring peace to YOUR soul!!!