Custom Painting Accomplishment

Depending on the size and difficulty level I will determine work time for the specific painting. After finishing most part of the painting I will contact You and send picture to your e-mail for approval. 

Creating a painting can take months, depending on the size and difficulty. 


I do ship worldwide! For more information on shipping and handling click here

Tracking Number

As soon as I ship your order I will send you by e-mail your tracking number.


Original artwork and custom paintings is required 50% of the price to pay upfront. When the money is received I will mark the painting as “SOLD” on my website. 

For the original artwork before shipping all costs must be payed. If 2 months pass without payment, the artwork will be put back up for sale.

For the custom paintings after finishing the painting and determining all shipping, handling costs I will send invoice to your e-mail. After receiving the payment, order will be shipped to your address.

Other items - prints, DIY diamond paintings, patterns, cards, etc, must be payed completely before shipping to your home.


All returns are possible within 30 days of receiving the order. If you’re not completely satisfied, email me to to discuss the reason and arrange a return. All returns and exchanges will be calculated with shipping and handling charges.


Kristine Rapohina Art retains all Copyrights and Reproduction Rights of sold original artwork, custom commission paintings, and prints. Artwork images may not be reproduced by any process without the artist’s express written permission.